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Queen Mab

Does anyone have any info on Queen Mab, from the illusion in Mercutio's speach from Romeo and Juliet.

here's what i have so far:
Queen Mab (mab, mabh, madb, medhbh, maeve)

The tradtion of Queen Maeve: maeve(or mead) says that she would give blood red wine to all her consorts. the red wine represented menstral blood or "the wine or womens wisdom."

other meanins of Mab: drunk woman, queen wolf, small child
mabled: led astray by the faeries or elves

Mythologicaly she is the Queen of Connact (warrior queen of the Ulster Cycle)
the combined mother warrior of the "Tripple Goddes"

could someone please give me a summary of the Ulster Cycle in relation to Mab?
what is/what constitutes a tripple goddess?
What is her relation to the festal of mabon?

i would like any information about Mab that you may all have. please elaborate/correct things i have posted and give me more info if you have! thanks!!

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